AIGA Design Census

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Data Visualization
Motion / Web / Print
Spring 2017

Data Visualization
Motion / Web / Print
Spring 2017


The AIGA DESIGN CENSUS is a resource for understanding the economic, social and cultural factors that shape the world of design as well as the designers who live in it. Our goal - to visualize the large amount of data, allowing it to be understandable and digestible.

This project has been awarded "semifinalist" for a Adobe Design Achievement Award.



We decided to create a system that spanned across both, a physical and online presence. LED screens served as our inspiration - how individual pixels are able to shine alone, but create a large idea when unified. We also wanted to humanize and personalize the data, we did this by building personas into the print material.


The animation introduce the user to what the census is and what one can learn through navigating the website. The website enables the user to interact with the visualized data. The zines, that have been double-side printed and house the poster enables users to learn about our project, serve as promotional material that both enables users to learn about our projects, but also connects CMU alumni.


A group project that consisted of 5 individuals. We wanted to create a broad system that satisfied everyones creativity, which inspired the system to range across both digital and print mediums.

SIMILAR PROJECTS  OCD Internship / Facebook Lenses